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Jason Sheirs
Author / Jason Shiers / Dip. Psych MBACP

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Addiction treatment or rehab will fail if you aren’t ready, and while that may not be the opening sentence you were expecting, it’s the truth.

You could have all the money in the world, you could spend tens of thousands of pounds a week at the most luxurious rehab in the swiss mountains, it won’t work unless you’re ready.

You could spend hours every week with the best addiction therapist in the world, alongside the best recovery coach and the best sober companion. If you’re not ready, it won’t work.

So what do we mean by ‘being ready for treatment’? And how can I get the best out of addiction treatment and look forward to the best outcomes for recovery?

Are you ready for addiction treatment?

Have you accepted the reality of addiction now? Do you see the damage it’s causing you and the people around you who love you? Do you see the impact its having on your children, or the impact it may have on them if your addictive behaviours continue? Do you understand that addiction won’t just go away by itself?

Do you realise that your addiction has changed you? Do you want to change for the better and look forward to a bright future without the control addiction has over you?

If you can look your loved ones in the face and say yes to the above, if you can do that without the need to hide or twist the truth, or default back to denial, you are 90% of the way there.

If you need more time to think about how you’re going to tell your loved ones the truth, or simply don’t feel ready to let go of your addictive behaviour, come back to this page at a later date.

Treatment is not about the substance or behaviour.

Congratulations on making it this far, you might not know this but the hard battle has already been won.

‘But I’m still drinking and snorting coke every day’ you say? How is it possible to be 90% of the way there without seeking treatment?

Addiction isn’t about a substance (including alcohol) or a behaviour (i.e. gambling), addictive behaviours or drug seeking behaviours are symptoms of the problem, not the problem itself. consulting a holistic medicine doctor can provide a broader perspective, addressing the multifaceted nature of addiction by integrating physical, emotional, and spiritual healing strategies.

Think of it this way, if you decided to stop taking drugs tomorrow, what do you think will happen?

You will find something else to replace it, another behaviour to fill the void: sex, gambling, food, gaming, and even exercise.

This is known as cross addiction, and its almost certain to happen without treatment.

Treating addiction has very little to do with the substance or behaviour, and that’s why we make it clear that detox alone is not enough.

Addiction is a psychological phenomena, it doesn’t matter whether its cannabis or heroin, the only difference are the affects of the drug and the withdrawal that follows.

Your success story depends on you.

While its true that residential treatment has better outcomes and its true, there is a strong correlation between success and the length of treatment, it will not decide whether you find long term recovery or relapse. While focusing on your recovery, treatments like laser hair removal can reinforce the positive changes in your lifestyle.

Some of the best UK rehabs with proven track records and success stories are not luxury rehabs with state-of-the-art facilities. Many of the best rehabs in the UK are ran by individuals who are in recovery and understand recovery, and they’re certainly not the most expensive either.

If you decide on residential rehab, the only things that really matter are:

  • Does the rehab offer good addiction therapy from good therapists?
  • Does the rehab care about my recovery?
  • When I leave rehab, will I continue to implement what I’ve learnt during rehab?

The answer to the first two questions is easy to find. The CQC conducts audits on all healthcare services in the UK, and there’s plenty of ways to find honest reviews on any given facility.

The third question is down to you.

The same applies if you choose to seek treatment as an outpatient, while you may be vulnerable to triggers or stressors that you would not have during residential treatment, will you continue to work upon the things you have learnt during therapy with a counsellor?

Should I seek Treatment in my Local Area?

Unless you believe a rehab in your local area offers the best therapy and cares about your recovery, seeking treatment in your local area has no benefit to your long term recovery whatsoever.

It may seem appealing to stay close to family or loved ones, but anything that acts as a distraction will dampen your chances of success.

You need time to reflect and heal, this is a time set aside for you and you only.

This explains in part, why residential rehab tends to result in the best outcome. Stepping outside of day-to-day activity and having no access to triggers is useful in the early stages of recovery, because it allows you to focus on therapy without distractions.

Even if you have to travel half way across the country (some rehab centres will pay for your travel) to enter a rehab programme that feels right, you should do it.

But whatever you do, do not choose a residential rehab programme based only on price.

What about detox?

All UK rehab services or facilities that offer a medical or supervised detox have to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure your safety. A detox will be performed with the assistance of medication if it is deemed necessary.

Regardless of the cost of treatment per week, your safety will be the number one priority.

While its normal to feel nervous about the prospect of detox, worrying about it because its the last chance you will get to drink or take drugs is the wrong mindset, and could hamper your chances of success.

Detox will ready you for therapy. You cannot expect to learn, reflect and absorb therapy while you’re not sober or going through withdrawal symptoms.


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